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 Here's what has been said...

A special link to some of the funniest testimonials ever, sent to me by students

Hi Steve,
Once again you "brought down the house" with your outstanding show!  This was our 6th year doing a "parent" fundraiser and it was even more successful than last year!  As soon as last year's show ended, I was asked to book you again for this year.  And, sure enough, just through word of mouth, we sold out the show in just 3 weeks.  We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks at the high school graduation party. Thank you for bringing your "terrific" show to the parents and students of Tewksbury.  You are a real professional and so easy to work with.
Pat Whitehouse
TMHS All Night Long co-chair

"There are many hypnotists you could hire for your event, and then there is Steve Wronker; an real entertainer. If you want a truly memorable time, I recommend you secure Steve. He is genuinely the best to work with and have to entertain your group." Norman Boudreau... professional fundraiser

"Steve Wronker may not be among the best known hypnotists in America, but his show is the most entertaining we have ever seen. He is a real hidden gem. Your students will truly enjoy this show."  Dartmouth College

"When you’re in the entertainment business you tend to see a lot of entertainment and not much impresses us. This show was so fun not just because of the hypnotist, but because of the audience, they were hysterical !"  David Goldstein,  Comedy Theater Productions

"Your show exceeded all our expectations. With over 450 people in attendance, this was the single most effective and entertaining community event we've ever had. We raised over $24,000 that evening. We're already working on next year's show and it will be twice as big." Steve Slocum... President, Oakmont High School Booster Club

           Corporate Testimonials

"We’re always on the lookout for fun and interactive entertainment for our corporate and social clients. This show, we saw on vacation and it was fabulous and clean. When you’re in the entertainment business you tend to see a lot of entertainment and not much impresses us. This show was so fun not just because of the hypnotist, but because of the audience, they were hysterical We decided to add it right away to our comedy offerings"  David Goldstein, Producer, Comedy Theater Productions

"Steve Wronker's performance met our standards of family values. This was a real fun holiday party. Thanks."  Wal-Mart

"We thought your hypnosis show at last year's Christmas party was great. We never imagined you could improve upon it this year. Tremendous job!"  McCain's Food

"Just the funniest show we have ever seen!"  Clowns of America

"Not only was the show everything you said it would be, we appreciated how much respect you had for the volunteers." Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance Company

"We can't wait to do it again. All three shifts talked about the show for days." Aavid Technologies

"As a last minute substitute for another hypnotist who cancelled, Steve's show was far better than the other guy. We wish we knew about Steve Wronker years ago." Chartrek Travel Agency

"We would like to thank you for the wonderful show we were treated to at our Employee Recognition Banquet. The feedback was all positive and many have asked for a return engagement. The night was a complete success"  Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

          College Testimonials

"I could not believe the turn out for your show. Your reputation preceded you. This was great way to start our monthly comedy night performances."  Culinary Institute of America

"The laughter from the audience was SO LOUD!"  St Joseph College

"Great show for orientation. It brought a lot of new students together." Wesleyan University

"This was the best entertainment we ever had here at the college."  Trinity College

           High School Testimonials

"This was the funniest hypnosis show we have ever had. We laughed like never before!"   Northwest Regional 7, CT

"Steve has performed for us for eight straight years.  Each show gets better and better."   Gilbert School, CT

"We have had Funny Business as a fundraiser, at our after prom parties, and our all night graduation parties. We wish there were more opportunities to have his show."  Guilford High School, CT

"F-U-N-N-Y !"   Auburn High School, MA

"We have never had any of kind of entertainment that was as good as this. This show was very well received by the students."  Greely High School, ME

"We have Steve back every year for out after prom party. We love it!"  Hudson Catholic High School, MA

           Email comments from the SWFB Guestbook

Thanks so much for a great time last night. I didn't think I could be hypnotized, but it worked. I'm looking at the pictures of myself and they are hysterical. I can't wait to see the tape. Thanks so much for a great evening.

I really enjoyed myself. I never really believed in hypnosis before but last night you made me a believer. I was hypnotized and I did some crazy things, it was the time of my life!

Thanks for the great time. The pictures were priceless. I slept like a rock. Not sure if I can show my face in town again...lol. And Steve...Thank You, I know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had never seen a hypnosis show before and was hesitant to go - I am glad I went!! The show, audience and all involved were great! I can't remember the last time I laughed so much! Thank you for the clean fun entertainment - I would love to see another show of yours!

Your show was a great fundraiser for Oakmont Athletics. It was super entertainment, I thoroughly enjoyed laughing at my friends as they paraded around like Egyptians and supermodels. Now a friend from another school is going to try to work out having your show done at his school. It was a great overall show, and I would recommend it to anyone

Thank you so much for a night of great entertainment and laughter. Your show is the first hypnotist show I have seen so I wasn't quite sure what to expect but you more than surpassed the expectations I did have. The way you performed your show, got the audience involved and got your "select 15" to follow your instructions was all excellent.

You were wonderful!! My entire family truly enjoyed your performance and the daring people who were hypnotized!! Hope we see you next year for the same organization!!

I really enjoyed the show. I thought the routines were really funny and great to watch. The volunteers were awesome and I don't think the show could have been better. I love it!!


           Religious Groups Testimonials

"We've raised more money with Steve Wronker's show than any  other fundraising effort. We're going to do it again next year in a bigger banquet hall." (ps... and we did!) SERRA Club

"The show was very funny and a wonderful evening of entertainment."  Bishop Daniel Reilly, Roman Catholic Diocese of Worchester

"Our parish requested Steve's hypnosis show again as the entertainment for our annual dinner. Thanks for a memorable evening."  Church of St. Bartholomew

"A very funny evening."  Our Lady of the Holy Rosary School

"Thanks for a great fundraiser. Everyone was talking about this show for weeks."  Loaves and Fishes Charities

"Thanks for showing respect not only for the volunteers but for the audience as well. Great show."  United Methodist Church

           Campground Testimonials

"Absolutely professional entertainment. Steve performs to hundreds of our guests each time he is here. People actually call for reservations depending on when Steve is performing."  Bayley's Camping Resort, ME

"Steve's performances every Monday night has been the highlight of every season." Strawberry Park Resort, CT

"Five straight seasons of weekly sell out shows. No other act has ever done that." Point Sebago Lake Resort, ME

"Every one at the rally was talking about how funny your show was for days." Bounders RV Rally

This letter was received after a SWFB Hypnosis Show from Western Maryland College

I wanted to send you a letter highlighting the showmanship and entertaining performance of Steve Wronker. While he was in his "stage-mode", I found him to be non-pretentious and not stuffy. His show was imaginative, non-parlor quality and funny but not at the expense of those hypnotized. I have seen more than my share of hypnotists who go for the cheap laughs and corny jokes to keep the crowds attention; Steve was above all that. When he was off stage, I found Steve to be personable and in tune with our diverse population. He was able to do this because he took the time not only to question me about the nature of the show and the composition of the audience, and he mingled throughout the audience. While he was doing this, he asked the students who they were and what they were about. His genuineness prompted two students who are into magic (as Steve is) to help them with their slight-of-hand magic techniques. The real topper was his flexibility when we both discovered a discrepancy between what he expected sound system wise and what was listed on the contract. His tone and demeanor never changed and he worked with what was provided and still gave a top notch show.

Sincerely, Mitchell Alexander

Director, College Activities Office