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Comedy hypnosis is the only show of its kind where the audience becomes the stars of the show. And because the audience knows the volunteers, all the ensuing laughter is a lot more personal. And that makes for a more enjoyable time.

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I decided right from the start to make my shows so different than other stage hypnosis shows. I never misuse the knowledge I have acquired, but  I certainly have a great time with it. While I think it is an integral part of the show to be funny and sometimes a little silly, some stage hypnotists unfortunately make fools out of people or suggest the volunteers partake in embarrassing, degrading and humiliating situations. That is where I draw the line. Although some of the routines most hypnotists use are often the same, the shows are always different. This is simply because every subject's imagination is completely different and their response to each routine produces varied results. Every show of mine is different because of the above statement plus I interject many of my own routines to those established ones. In my opinion stage hypnosis is a veritable gold mine of comedy. I feel that rather than laugh at people, the audience should be laughing with them.

Here are my thoughts about the last 30 years and about my show in general;

     When I am on my way to a performance I think all I have to do is get "in the zone" to put on a good show.  I know what I need to do and I know how to do it, but I first have to get into the mood. I call it a matter of my feelings catching up with my feet. If I'm not inspired, I'm mechanical, not creative.

     But put me on stage and I'm immediately in the zone. Actually, I'm in the zone the moment I walk into the venue. It is the anticipation of what is going to happen. After 30 years of performances, you'd think I would be slightly jaded or complacent, that I'd be thinking the show will be the same because in the thousands of shows I have performed, I'd seen it all. But it doesn't work that way for me. Each time I perform, there is something new for me; a new audience with a new enthusiasm and new volunteers, all with their own interpretation of the routines. And because of this, every show is different and I am seeing that show for the first time, right along with the audience. At that moment, night after night after night; I love to be there!