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 Here's what has been said...

The best testimonials ... ever!

I have copied these testimonials exactly as they were written.

I loved sitting up there it was so much fun thanks for a great night i was much aprecheated thanks i did have a good sleep for real and all my friends told me i was tarific and i kept saying thanks i know Hahah and i didnt understand it was so much fun Thanks and wheres my money?? U said i could have 10,000 dollars where is it i looked where i put it and nope it was not there thanks i had the best night it was so much fun better up there than watching heheheh

i was in your show on the 26 i was the kid with my cousin on my shouldier when we were sleeping and i just wanted to say to you that i had a lot of fun with it and i thank you for the oppertunity to do it i have seen your show about 10 times before. I also want to congradgulate you on you twentith season of performing ande i hope to see your sshow again.

Hey, that show was awesome...i was toatally laughing out loud. I wish my boyfiend  had volenteered, but it was great anyway. Keep doing what you're doing, and if you can, mabye come back to the conant gym to visit us "easily suggestable" people!lol---your fan, olivia

OH MY GOSH!!! THAT WAS THY BEST SHOW EVEEEEEEEEEEER!!! I love it! It was so fun being hypomootized! I LOVED IT!! Please come back

It was great hilariousness.

I didn't think it was going to work on me but i was ronge, it was a funktastically kool time!  My first experience of be hypmotized was great!

man it was soooooooo much fun that night....im in half of these pics well thats cause i was the funniest out of all these ppl and you know it lol i was funny at the part with the movie hahahahahahaha "THE BIGG TRIFECTA" hahahahahah that was funny.. well i hope to see you sometime and mayb you can bring me to hollywood and we can do some stand up comedy lol just me and you hahahahh we would make a sweet team alright well im going to go now soo bye


i want to thank you for giving me the most funnest of all memorys of the class of 2006! And i want to thank you for taking the time out of your skedool to proform for us at senior weak

Yo that stuff was crazy son I was hypnotized this dude is fo real dawg I was wildin out yo that boy is gangsta to the hizzi fo shizzie holla at me

the show was so funny!!!  I loved it   Me and my friend Ashley wanted to get Hypntised so bad! I wish you camparty to show how funny you are to my friendse to My birthday 

Welll i was one of the manii contestants at Strawberry Park..nd wow that was amazing !! I didn't belive it untill i was actually hipnotaized

haha omg it was so fun i was hiptotized and im never gunna live down the fact that i sang into my shoe or lost my bellybottom it was a blasted i cant wait till next year :)

Thanks to everyone that took the time to comment on the show... Steve